First Annual Conference of INQUIRE (Bologna 4-5 November 2021)

4th November
Cappella Ghisilardi, Bologna

Francesca Sofia – Fausto Arici
Opening Greetings

Irene Bueno, Papacy, Poverty and Governing through Investigation: the 14th Century

Matteo Duni, Magic and the First Witch Hunts

Question Time

First Session, The Middle Ages: Phases
Chair: Marina Benedetti

Lucy Sackville, The French Area and the Crown of Aragon

Riccardo Parmeggiani, The Italian Area

J. Patrick Hornbeck, England and the Lollards

Question Time

Second Session, The Middle Ages: Territorial Scope
Chair: Marco Rainini

5th November 2021
Aula Prodi, Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Civiltà, Università di Bologna

Kirsi Salonen, Apostolic Penitentiary and Inquisition

Violet Soen, The Inquisition in the Low Countries: Repression and Reform in the Habsburg Borderlands

Question Time

Third Session, Border Issues
Chair: Pietro Delcorno

Vincenzo Lavenia, The Roman Inquisition and the Papacy

Giorgio Caravale, Censorship. Rome and the Others

Andreea Badea, Roman Censorhip and the Shaping of a Catholic Thought Collective

Question Time

Fourth Session, Rome: Inquisition and Censorship
Chair: Lucio Biasiori

Maria Macarena Cordero Fernández, La Inquisición en los confines del mundo: Lima y periferias

Gabriel Torres Puga, Mexico and the Philippines

José Pedro Paiva, Current Trends Regarding the Portuguese Inquisition: What Was Done and What Still needs to Done

Bruno Feitler, Estado da Índia and Brazil

Question Time

Fifth Session, Rome: Inquisition and Censorship
Chair: Cristiana Facchini

David Zbiral, Dissident Network Project – DISSINET

Wei Jiang, Inquisitorial Repression of Religious Hybridity in the Philippines

Claudia Geremia, Inquisition, Magic and Objects in the Canary Islands

Mila Fumini, INQUIRE: Website Presentation

Question Time

Seventh Session, Current Projects
Chair: Fernanda Alfieri